Business Law


Albert’s experience in Business Law can help clients resolve issues related to business transactions, contract negotiations, financial documentation, bankruptcy, and intellectual property. Such cases can involve:

  • Business ownership conflicts. Going to bat to help settle business ownership quarrels and to resolve business sale transactions that go awry,
  • Fraudulent bankruptcy & other business fraud. Tracking down business owners who abuse and defraud the system by, for example:

(a) illegally disposing of property just before or after filing for bankruptcy,

(b) falsifying or destroying documents about their business operations,

(c) acquiring credit through deceptive dealings, or

(d) all of the above,

  • Commercial leasing. Albert S. Frank can help you understand and negotiate when the landlord presents one of those mega-long lease forms,
  • Contractual payment defaults. Albert can negotiate, and if necessary sue, when payments owing under a contract (or a guarantee of a contract) are not made.


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