Civil Disputes


Civil Disputes

In civil action cases, Albert will represent the victim (or wrongly accused) in various areas such as breach of contract, a negligent act or ethical misconduct. Such cases can involve:

  • Wrongful dismissal. Albert’s role in the notable Altman v. Steve’s Music Store 2011 court case resulted in a landmark win for Shelley Altman. Shelley, the store manager he represented, had been terminated from her job after being diagnosed with lung cancer,
  • Abuse of confidential information. Sometimes it is the employer that is the victim,
  • Inheritance and Disinheritance. Estate litigation, including cases where the wording of the Will is unclear, the testator might have lacked capacity or been subject to an undue influence, or the testator sought to disinherit a family member who expected to inherit,
  • Property ownership conflicts. People can disagree about the rightful ownership of land or property, or can turn to Albert because a fellow owner has to be removed,
  • Real estate investment. Suing property sellers who misrepresent their properties, whether knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Breach of contract in various settings.


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