Albert’s experience can help clients resolve issues related to business transactions, contract negotiations, financial documentation, bankruptcy, and so on. Such cases can involve:

  • Contractual payment defaults. Albert can negotiate, and if necessary sue, when payments owing under a contract (or a guarantee of a contract) are not made,
  • Other contractual breaches,
  • Misappropriation of company funds & other business fraud,
  • Business ownership conflicts. Going to bat to help settle – and if necessary go to court over – business ownership quarrels,
  • Unauthorized disclosures. Bringing justice to current or former executives and other employees who transfer vital company documents and data to a competing firm without consent,
  • Non-competition and Non-Solicitation clauses,
  • Breach of fiduciary duty. In a myriad of ways, ranging from the dubious all the way to the downright criminal, fiduciaries such as corporate officers and directors and senior executives, can put their own interests ahead of those they are duty-bound to protect. Albert has decades of experience in this area, both in suing for breach and in defending against allegations of breach.


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